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Fetch!! Dog Grooming & Boarding was founded on two basic principles; do your BEST work every day and with the BEST local products.

We take our art very seriously; with a 22+ years Master Certified (it's like a Ph.D. in Dog Grooming) stylist and proven show dog products. Your fur babies may not be headed to the show ring, but they deserve to be treated like champions of your home, couch, dog park and heart! 

Dogs really respond to our calm and playful atmosphere. We have designed a luxury dog boutique, where we focus on individualized experience that will have your dog wagging its tail to come back. Our staff has 24+ years of experience caring for top show dogs and now applies that care and knowledge to our privileged four-legged guests. Dogs notice the difference. They know Fetch!! Dog Grooming & Boarding is for them! 

Fetch!! Grooming & Boarding is home to the ONLY AKC SAFE Certified Groomer and Sanitation Certified Staff in over a 100 mile radius of the Lewisville/ Flower Mound area. “Where you take them matters!” Call/text 469-230-1962 for your dog’s appointment or book right here online! 

our team
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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the owner of Ruff’s Dog Ranch.

My name is Michael Ruff, and my background is in Healthcare Administration, working as a Controller/CFO in rural hospitals for over 25 years. I have always dreamed of owning my own business, and when I bought the kennels, I knew my lifelong dream had been fulfilled.

I am thrilled to own Fetch!!, as it will allow me to do one of the things that I love most – be around dogs and care for them. My personal commitment to you is that I will do everything in my power to ensure that your dog has fun, stays safe and is loved in a clean, playful environment.


I started as a bather 27 years ago in a small mom and pop grooming shop in Dallas. I learned how to bathe, dry and trim nails on retired show poodles before teaching myself how to groom. 

I have worked all across the metroplex as well as in Colorado and Utah. I am certified in First aid/CPR, skin and hair conditions, bathing/brushing, Brachycephalic breeds, Terrier breeds and I am a Certified Fear Free Groomer. I also have gone to college for veterinary technician. I have 3 dogs of my own, 2 American Pitbull Terriers and a Chow Chow. My dream dogs are Giant Schnauzer and Belgian Malinois. 

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Meet Stephanie -Front Desk

I've spend most of my life in DFW. I'm married to the love of my life, coming up on 10 years. I've been in management since I was 16, more than half my life. I enjoy leading by example and helping a team become successful. I have had lots of animals - a Japanese bobtail cat, iguanas, parakeets, fererets bunnies and several dogs, most notably, Ana (a Corgie) & Boots (a Lab / Pit mix). Both passed last year. 

Meet Todd - Groomer

Todd started back in 1989 at a Ma & Pa groom shop as a dog bather and groom assistant. He became an apprentice and was taught to groom. He loves his job and has been a pet stylist ever since. He has experience with most breeds and is able to groom all types of dogs. He will talk to you about how you want your dog to look and will do his best to make your pet comfortable and happy.

Meet Dustin - Bather

Hi, I'm Dustin. I've been bathing dogs for about a year and a half, and I love doing miniature dachshunds. I want a long hair one in the future. My hobbies are playing video games and studying for my cyber security degree. I can't wait to bathe your babies.

Meet Ana - Kennel Tech

I've been a kennel tech for about three years. It started out as a hobby, but after meeting so many different dogs, I fell in love with the work. Every dog that comes to stay with us is like a baby to me. My favorite dog that I've had the pleasure to work with is a Cane Corso - they are the sweetest giants ever. I also have two dogs of my own, Max and Harley.

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