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Fetch!! Dog Grooming & Boarding was founded on two basic principles; do your BEST work every day and with the BEST local products.

We take our art very seriously; with a 22+ years Master Certified (it's like a Ph.D. in Dog Grooming) stylist and proven show dog products. Your fur babies may not be headed to the show ring, but they deserve to be treated like champions of your home, couch, dog park and heart! 

Dogs really respond to our calm and playful atmosphere. We have designed a luxury dog boutique, where we focus on individualized experience that will have your dog wagging its tail to come back. Our staff has 24+ years of experience caring for top show dogs and now applies that care and knowledge to our privileged four-legged guests. Dogs notice the difference. They know Fetch!! Dog Grooming & Boarding is for them! 

Fetch!! Grooming & Boarding is home to the ONLY AKC SAFE Certified Groomer and Sanitation Certified Staff in over a 100 mile radius of the Lewisville/ Flower Mound area. “Where you take them matters!” Call/text 469-230-1962 for your dog’s appointment or book right here online! 

our team
Meet Rachel, Owner

Hello I’m Rachel! I’m a Master Certified groomer with 22+ years experience. During my career I have trained/ mentored over 100 pet stylists to become dog groomers (many now manage or own their own dog grooming salons), competed in dog grooming competitions and have groomed AKC show dogs for the show ring (including a few dogs who have competed at Westminster!). My passion is communicating with pet parents to find a style that makes their fur baby comfy and happy but also fits the whole family’s lifestyle. I know I’ve done my job well when my clients tell me that their dog get’s excited when they say, “Let’s go see Rachel!”

Gary Fetch
Meet GARy, Owner

Meet Gary aka "Cookie Man" aka "Papi"....he is the friendly face that greets our Fetch!! family and the big softie that every dog has wrapped around their paws! 

Meet Staysha

I'm Staysha! I've been a major animal lover my whole life, with a college degree in Wildlife Management, and grooming dogs for almost 10 yrs now!

Meet Sade

Hello this is Sade (pronounced Shaw-day)! I've been grooming for 6 years. I have two kids and I am the best dancer at Fetch!! 

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